Gramophone Needles for Sale

You can buy NEW steel gramophone needles here. £6.50 for 1 pack, £13.95 for 4 packs including UK postage
I supply worldwide so if you are looking for steel phonograph needles,victrola needles, grammophonnadeln, aiguilles de phonographe, aghi del grammofono, agujas del gramofono or (in English) gramophone needles then you can order online.

If you play your 78rpm records on a "wind-up" gramophone, it is important to change the gramophone needle after every play in order to preserve the life of your records.

Steel gramophone needles are available in different "tones". Basically, the thicker the needle, the louder your gramophone will play.
I supply newly made steel gramophone needles, in packs of soft, medium and loud tone. The average contents of each pack is 100 needles.

4 Packs of steel gramophone needles cost £13.95 including UK Postage / €18 with European Postage / $22 with worldwide Postage
1 Pack of steel gramophone needles costs £6.50 (available UK delivery only)

For general use I recommend MEDIUM tone.
Steel Gramophone Needles
Needle Prices and Delivery Info

All Payments are via secure PayPal

For UK Delivery: One pack of gramophone needles (available UK only) costs GBP6.50/ Four packs of gramophone needles cost GBP13.95 including Second Class Postage.

For European Delivery, four packs of gramophone needles cost EUR 18.00, including airmail postage.

For Worldwide Delivery anywhere outside Europe and the UK, four packs of gramophone needles cost US$22.

You can choose a combination of packs of soft, medium or loud tone to get these prices.

Gramophone needles are normally sent within three working days after receipt of payment. Occasionally, at holiday or busy times, it may take a little longer. For UK Delivery, the estimated delivery time is 2-3 business days after your order is dispatched.

Air Mail is used for orders outside the UK. Royal Mail delivery targets after your order is dispatched: Western Europe within three working days, Eastern Europe within five working days, the rest of the world in five to seven working days

Please note that orders sent outside the UK may be subject to customs and VAT/import duty. It is the buyer's responsibility to pay any such charges if they arise. Please note: I cannot send needles to Belarus, Cyprus or Israel as they are a prohibited import for those countries

Please choose the correct shipping option below:
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Gramophone Needles with UK Postage
Needles with UK Shipping
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Gramophone Needles with European shipping
Needles with EU Shipping
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Gramophone Needles Worldwide
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