Bill Clark's 78rpm Contact Page

To contact me please Send me an e-mail

If you have records for sale please include the following information:

- How many records you have (as a rough guide 100 records equals one foot of shelf space)
- Genre or type of music (music hall/jazz/vocal etc.)
- Whereabouts the records are located (nearest post town or first part of postcode, for example IP10, is fine).
- If you have a list of your records, send these in your message either as plain text or as an Excel/Word (.xls or .doc) or PDF attachment only.
Sorry but due to time constraints, lists in other formats will not receive a reply.

If you have a lot of records and can't face typing a long list, then just send me a few sample titles and artists, or a few photos of the labels.

I will then get back to you, to let you know if I am interested in buying them.
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