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Record Label Image On this site you will find information about 78rpm records, or 78s as they are generally called, which were the main method of recording sound from the 1890s to the late 1950s.

You can order gramophone needles by mail.

There is a also selection of English Gramophone record labels and early advertisements to view.

Gramophone Needles

Need some new Needles for your gramophone?
Then please go to my Gramophone Needles Page

British Music Hall & Music Hall CD Reissues

Many stars of the British Music Hall recorded on 78rpm records. For details of the artists and my re-issue CDs please go to my Music Hall CDs site

Record Sales

My last Mail Order List is now closed, but more information on sales is given here: Bill's 78rpm Record Sales Page.

Records Wanted to Purchase

Do you have any records which might interest me? Please see my Record Wants page.

What is a 78?

To find out the basics of 78 rpm records please go to Bill's 78rpm Beginner's Page

Books for Sale

I have a number of interesting books on the subject of 78rpm records and gramophones, including new copies of "Since Records Began" at bargain prices

Want to hear your old 78rpm Records again?

If you don't have a gramophone, why not have your 78s transferred to CD. For more information please go to Bill Clark's 78rpm Transfer Service

Who invented recorded sound ?

To find out more, see my brief History of Recorded Sound

Early UK Record Labels

Please go to my Pictures of 78rpm Record Labels page to see some early English record labels.

HMV Gramophones

Please go to my Gramophones page to see some celebrities playing their gramophones.

Vintage Advertisements for 78rpm Records

Please go to my Vintage 78rpm Record Adverts page to see some old adverts for 78rpm records.

Phonograph Cylinders

The early alternative to the flat disc. For some information on phonograph cylinders, please see my Phonograph Cylinder page.

Want to get in touch?

Please go to my Enquiries page

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